Living Questions: An Outdoor Public Discussion

About 50 students and community members gathered in Normandy’s East Hall gym on April 24 for Project Lab’s First Annual Living Questions. Alas, weather prevented our meeting outside, but the rainy, gray afternoon was made memorable by energetic conversation, laughter, and thoughtful reflection. Many thanks to the Missouri Humanities Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and everyone who helped make the experience a reality. Special thanks to La’Ron Wrice Sullivan and Kendell Davenport, shown above, who built our shimmering portal into a world designed for wondering about life. Thank you to Nina Ganci of SKIF who provided the silvery fabric. And thank you to Jessica Hentoff, whose fabulous coaches taught us all (among other thing) how to keep more than one feather, ball, or plate in the air at any given moment.

Inda Schaenen